Title Insurance

Title Insurance

Metro Title issues residential and commercial title insurance for buyers and lenders. Our agency is dedicated to helping attorneys and law firms equip their clients with protection against financial losses related to unknown title defects. While we offer the advantages of a small, customer-focused company, our strategic partnerships and in-house resources ensure access to the same benefits you would find at much larger companies.

Title Insurance Products

We are an issuing agent for Commonwealth Land Title Company, First American Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title Guaranty Company

An Experienced, Knowledgeable Underwriting Team

We have the in-depth expertise to meet your demand for timely and accurate underwriting.  Our in-house team includes a title attorney who can provide seasoned advice on complex title issues.

Access to Top-Quality Title Work Around the State

If you need title work for property located anywhere in North Carolina, we can provide a single point of contact. We partner with attorneys throughout the state who have a track record of timely, cost-efficient delivery of reliable title work. For more information, contact Brett Summer Oates at 919.532.3007 or brett.oates@mettitle.biz.

Prior Policy Searches

Access to the following data-bases for prior policy searches:

  • Commonwealth, Fidelity and Chicago Title
    (the Fidelity National Title Group family of underwriters)
  • First American
  • Stewart Title
  • Metro Title Company

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Metro Title Company, LLC
726 North Blount Street
Raleigh, NC 27604
Main: 919.833.1284
Fax: 919.834.7839

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